Cocktail Food


Cold ($4.50 each)

  • Pacific Oysters with a ginger, soy and shallot dressing
  • Asian Duck pancakes
  • Citrus cured salmon and avocado tarts
  • Mini Chive frittata’s with crème fraiche, smoked salmon, baby capers and lemon (gf)
  • Mini chive frittata’s with crème fraiche and oven baked mushrooms with fresh herbs (v, gf)
  • Caramelised onion and goats cheese tarts (v)
  • Parmesan baked mushrooms tarts  (v)
  • Cumin roasted pumpkin, pinenut, chilli, coriander and yoghurt tarts (v)
  • Oven roasted tomato and fetta tarts (v)
  • Roasted vegetable ratatouille and feta tarts (v)
  • Zucchini cake and crème friache with roasted beetroot (v)
  • Smoked salmon wraps with lemon, dill, cream cheese and baby spinach
  • Tandoori chicken and tzatziki wraps
  • Vietnamese rice paper rolls- Tofu (v) OR Prawn (gf)
  • Cajun chicken tenders with lime and coriander mayo

Hot ($4.50 each)

  • Thai fish cakes with lime leaves, mint and a sweet chilli dipping sauce (gf)
  • Moroccan chicken skewers with a roast capsicum and cashew sauce (gf)
  • Tuscan chicken skewers with salsa verde (gf)
  • Tandoori chicken skewers with tzatziki (gf)
  • Basil soy and garlic chicken skewers (gf)
  • Lamb kofta’s with minted yoghurt (gf)
  • Halloumi, cherry tomato and zucchini skewers (v, gf)
  • Beef, pork and veal meatballs with a spicy tomato, balsamic salsa (gf)

Lamb ($8.90 each)

  • Dukkah crusted lamb cutlets (gf)
  • Pistachio and honey lamb cutlets (gf)

Seafood ($6.50 each)

  • Honey miso ocean trout skewers (gf)
  • Baked salmon with a mango salsa (gf, seasonal)
  • Tandoori salmon with a lime and ginger yoghurt (gf)
  • Large chermoula king prawns (gf)
  • King prawn skewers with a lemon aioli (gf)
  • Scallops with cauliflower puree and chorizo chips (gf)
  • Fresh prawns with spiced avocado served on a spoon (gf)
  • Fresh prawns with aoili and salmon roe on a spoon (gf)
  • Ocean trout and tartare served on a spoon (gf)
  • Tuna sashimi with a wasabi cream (gf)
  • Kingfish sashimi with a coconut and coriander salad (gf)

Sliders ($5.90 each)

  • Beef burgers with homemade tomato relish
  • Slow cooked lamb & slaw
  • Pulled pork & fennnel slaw
  • Mini veggie burgers with homemade hummus and tomato relish (v)

More than a mouthful – Noodle boxes ($7.80 each)  (full size $13.50 each)

  • Lush style fried rice with pork OR chicken OR egg (gf)
  • Glass noodles with Chicken OR tofu (v, gf)
  • Penne with roast pumpkin, rocket, chilli and lemon (v)
  • Mushroom and spinach and parmesan risotto (v, gf)
  • Chicken, feta and cherry tomato risotto (gf)
  • Yellow Curry of beef on basmati rice (gf)
  • Chicken curry and rice (gf)
  • Vegetable korma curry and rice (v, gf)

From the BBQ ($6.50 each)

  • Baby octopus with chilli and garlic (gf)
  • Stuffed mushrooms with fresh herbs (gf)
  • Halloumi, cherry tomato and zucchini (v, gf)
  • Garlic mushrooms (v, gf)
  • Lemon and garlic prawns (gf)

Other ($4.50 each)

  • Mushroom and cheese risotto balls (v, gf)
  • Gourmet pie: beef, chicken or vegetarian (v)
  • Chicken and chorizo sausage rolls
  • Steamed pork buns
  • Steamed prawn or vegetable dumplings (v)
  • Pizza slices with tomato, pesto and fetta (v)
  • Pizza slices with salami, tomato and olive

Desert Canapés ($4.50 each)

  • Chocolate and hazelnut tarts (v)
  • Creamy lemon tarts (v)
  • Mini blueberry cheesecakes(v)
  • Mini cupcakes (v)
  • Chocolate covered strawberries (v, gf)
  • Chocolate and caramel brownies (v, gf)