Lush sandwich platters use a variety of breads including Turkish, thick white, wholemeal and rye, bagels, Turkish bread, rolls and wraps. Including a generous variety of meat, fish and vegetarian fillings.

  • Tuna, egg, olive and mayonnaise
  • Smoked salmon, capers, spanish onion, lemon and cream cheese
  • Roast beef, tomato, avocado, roast capsicum and greens
  • Corned beef, beetroot relish, shaved cucumber and carrot
  • Pastrami, tomato relish, roasted capsicum and greens
  • Ham seeded mustard, avocado, tomato, eggplant cheese and greens
  • Sweet chilli chicken with coriander, shallots, cheese and baby spinach
  • Poached chicken, avocado, aoili and greens
  • Poached chicken, corn relish, avocado and greens
  • Turkey, cranberry, avocado, cheese, sprouts and baby spinach
  • Salami, feta, olives, fresh tomato and rocket
  • Brie, avocado, roast capsicum, pesto and rocket
  • Frittata with tomato, avocado, cheese, presto and tomato relish
  • Roast pumpkin, ricotta, semi-dried tomatoes and baby spinach
  • Lush veggies burgers with tomato relish and hummus
  • Roasted mushrooms, goats cheese, avocado and rocket